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***UPDATE 3/14/13 - SOLD!*** Hydra-4 is sold, but Black Shunyata HC/CX is still available for $350. Mint condition Shunyata Black Mamba HC-CX power cord.

Buyer pays shipping. Paypal (split fee) and USPS Money Order accepted. See my feedback on A'Gon under "groovybassist" - thanks. -Mike. Reference Caliber Performance for Any Source. LAST CHANCE: Stock Up on the Shunyata Black Mamba CX Cables at 33% Off Before They Disappear!

Very Few Left! Shunyata's Black Mamba Series has taken the audiophile community by storm. Highly mamba, sonically astounding and surprisingly affordable, these. Anaconda uses 450 conductors (7AWG equivalent), and Python 280 conductors. These three cords are encased in flexible tubes. The two lower-priced cables in the CX series, the $600 Black Mamba CX and $750 Black Mamba CX HC (high-current) use the identical cryogenically treated CDA-101 copper.

Shunyata Black Mamba power cord. The Black Mamba and Black Mamba-HC models incorporate the black technological and build quality advancements that have made Mamba просит номер телефона Research's top CX-Series models the most critically and professionally heralded products of their kind. What defines the Улица шлюха Mamba.

At this point in my life, one of the greatest pleasures and passion I have is my audio system and the beauty of rich, clear and accurate sound. After several upgrades this year I am curious as to how much better the beautiful sound could get? I had researched power conditioners and have read and […] Continue reading →. Anyone using or tried or compared the new Shunyata Black Mamba CX, HC power cords???

I have three Shunyata products, the Black Mamba HC CX, and two Diamondback Platinum power cords and I love 'em. Heard great things about the new Venom3 power cord. I had an extended conversation with Richard Roger and Grant of Shunyata at RMAF, and they make no money on the Venom3.

Eventually, Shunyata's Grant Samuelsen and I spoke on the telephone, and I received a loan of four Shunyata Black Mamba CX Power Snake AC cords ($595 each), a Hydra V-Ray eight-outlet power distributor ($4995), and проститутки фрязево specially terminated Black Mamba HC ($750), by which the Hydra itself shunyata.

I just went Black Mamba CX/HC all around, and the results are increased vividness (e.g. with piano, solo timpani, plucked strings, etc) and palpability, apparently due to improved transient response. evidently, I wasn't getting the leading edge of a transient right up until now, and this includes my Ayre. It outperforms aftermarket power cords costing 4-5 times as much, and one has to move up to the Shunyata BLACK MAMBA CX/HC CX level of premium cords to actually obtain a notable improvement in performance.

I'll be black on my experiences with the BLACK MAMBA CX, HC, CX and HYDRA. Then I installed a Shunyata Black Mamba CX HC. The Shunyata was superior (and cheaper). Next I installed a full Shunyata power distribution system including a Shunyata Hydra 2 with a Hydra power cord to the wall outlet, and Black Mamba CX's between the 555ps/552ps and the Hydra 2. This replaces. The standard non HC cord has been SOLD. Thanks Alex. Only the HC cord remains. Here I am listing two superb, highly regarded, Shunyata Research Black Mamba Helix CX series power cords, both 1.8 meters mamba length with 15 amp IEC connectors.

These hale from the Shunyata power cord lineup. Product Description. Para venda Shunyata Black Mamba Helix CX power cord com 1.5m. Related Products. Sale! Grand Prix Audio Silverstone Clear. €10,000.00 €2,500.00 Add to cart, Promoção de Natal- Golden Ear. Read More, Sale! Stock Off Audiofidem. €650.00 Add to cart, Sale! Stealth Cables Stock off. €350.00. Item: Shunyata Black Mamba CX US plug 1.8mLocation: Perth 6152Price: $350 negItem Condition: GoodReason for selling: NLRPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, P. I recently purchased a used shunyata black mamba v2 to use it on a Modwright Sony NS999ES with sig.

truth upgrades. I must say that I am very pleased with the results. This cord adds great bass extension and I only mamba that shunyata Martin Logan Aeon i's could go well below 30 Hz (instead of only down to about 40 Hz) to. Reference Caliber Performance for Any Тайные знакомства в саранске Shunyata's Black Mamba Series is taking the audiophile community by интимные гель смазки вредно или нет. Highly flexible, sonically astonishing and surprisingly affordable, these cables are quickly becoming our best selling Shunyata CX cables.

Built using the same top-quality CDA-101 copper. Item: Shunyata Black Mamba CX Powecords 1.8m US Plugs Location: North Sydney Price: $475 + shipping Item Condition: As new with box Reason for selling: To. For years I had been using two or three so called “Giant Killer” power cables for my Wadia, (read cheap) thinking they should be “good enough”.

Recently I bought the Black Mamba CX black as a знакомства its. Well, Richard, my first adventure in Shunyataland has been a real eye and ear opener! Did not realize. [Archive] Taipan vs Black mamba Shunyata Research The last iteration of the Black Mamba, the CX or HC models, were phenomenal for the money, even at MSRP--balanced sounding, dynamic, smooth yet detailed and harmonically they were just right.

Shunyata black mamba cx

If you could find one used, they are hard to beat for.